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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 10, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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big news in washington this morning. one debt ceiling deal seems dead. will a critical meeting later today help save the country's economy. the space shuttle docks for the last time with the space station. we'll get a unique perspective from a former astronaut. rolling out the red carpet. take a look at this. the british royal couple meet and greet some of hollywood's biggest stars. we'll get all the buzz from their trip. busting medical myths. a new book that separates fact from fiction on some big health questions. for example, does vitamin c really help stop holds? i'd like to think so. good morning, i'm thomas roberts. alex witt has the day off.
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welcome to msnbc sunday. big news to talk about from washington this morning on those debt ceiling talks. it appears at least one deal is dead. the so-called grand bargain between the white house and the gop will not be happening. the grand deal called for $4 trillion in spending cuts and closing some tax loopholes. now republican house speaker john boehner says he wants no tax hikes included in the deal. but could a plan for $2 trillion in cuts still work? it is the big question. nbc news white house correspondent mike viqueira has more for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. both president obama and the house republican speaker were going for something big, a grand bargain they were calling it, on the order of $4.5 trillion in savings to the national debt over ten years. late last night house republican speaker john boehner pulled the plug, unable to accept the tax hikes. the tax hikes would have comprised about a third of the $4 trillion deal. on the table were a dramatic
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overhaul of the tax code, controversial changes to medicare and social security. now it's back to a plan that would be worth about half of that $4 trillion, about $2 trillion all along had been negotiated by vice president biden and congress leaders, both republican and democratic. the problem with that is republicans had already walked out of those talks over the issue of taxes. now, all sides will come together again tonight under this new rubric, under these new circumstances. the president had told everyone to bring their bottom line proposals. it's apparent now they're going to have to start from square one evens the clock is ticking towards that all 2nd deadline. >> mike viqueira, thank you. to more politics in the race for 2012. gop presidential contenders are working key primary states this weekend. in iowa, michele bachmann weighed in on the debt debate after the opening of her iowa campaign headquarters.
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she said don't let them scare you. we won't default because rev noou continues to come in. she launched attacks on the president's economic plan. >> we're now two years into president obama's recovery. president obama's recovery has a 9.2% unemployment rate. this is not working for millions of unemployed americans. >> meanwhile jon huntsman is participating in the iowa primary and he gave a pretty clear reason why at a campaign event in florida. >> i come to find that if you own the i-4 corridor you own florida. and if you own florida, you own the presidency. >> he also called the $14 trillion debt a cancer growing in this country that needs to be read ated and cut out. we want to invite you to watch meet if press this morning. guests tim pawlenty. david will be joined by treasury secretary tim geithner. that's this morning on "meet the
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press." a report this morning in "the new york times" says the u.s. may suspend military aid to pakistan as defense secretary leon panetta visits afghanistan, the paper reports the possible halt of $800 million in assistance and equipment. that could have an effect on u.s. troops in afghanistan. the report says the aid could resume if pakistan takes tougher action against the taliban as well as al qaeda. meanwhile, secretary panetta told reporters on the plane it's time to focus on defeating al qaeda once and for all. >> i think we had undermined their ablthd to conduct 9/11-type attacks. we had them on the run. >> secretary panetta met with american military officials. atia abawi is in afghanistan. good morning. bring us up to date. >> good morning.
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panetta's very first trip as secretary of defense to afghanistan, before he landed he brought up the situation with al qaeda. he said, quote, the strategic defeat of al qaeda is within reach. this is a time to go after him, especially after bin laden. let's listen to what he had to say. >> now is the moment following what happened with bin laden, to put maximum pressure on them because i do believe that, if we continue this effort, that we can really cripple al qaeda. >> panetta said that, in fact, in that information they found from bin laden's compound it points to 10 to 20 key leaders of al qaeda in different places such as pakistan, yemen, somalia and different parts of africa. but coming back to afghanistan, panetta met with afghan officials, his counterpart, the
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minister of defense war dak as well as the president of afghanistan talking to president karzai discussing the fact that he wants the relationship to be private. he doesn't want to air out to the public and the media the problems as we've seen in the past with the obama administration and the karzai administration, as well as meeting with afghan officials he's also met with commanders on the ground trying to assess the situation at a very key point during the afghan war. thomas? >> atia, let's talk more about "the new york times" report, talking about the fact that the u.s. is potentially going to hold back aid to pakistan. explain the ripple effect that will have when it comes to afghanistan and our troops that are still there. >> reporter: thomas, what i can tell you is what i've heard from the men and women, the american men and women on the ground here in afghanistan, the commanders on the ground as well. they'll tell you right now they don't know where that money is going, the money that's aiding the pakistani military to fight the taliban on the other side of the border. they feel that that money is
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being wasted because they don't think they're doing a good enough job. so i'm sure many of the men and women here on the bases throughout afghanistan will support that decision. i know from officials in washington, they say the pakistani military have done a lot in fighting the taliban, but many will also tell you, and it eelgs something we've seen in the wikileaks, they'll tell you they haven't done enough. they've been using that money not necessarily to fight the battle on this side of the border, but instead to use that money against their biggest rival is indian. >> atia abawi in kabul, thanks so much. scary moments from japan. a 7.3 magnitude quake hit the country's northeast coast at just before 10:00 a.m. local time, prompting a brief tsunami warning. residents of coastal areas were forced to evacuate. the warning was lifted without reports of major damage. this is an area, as you may remember, that is still recovering from the devastating quake and the killer wave only four months ago that left nearly
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23,000 dead or missing. it is a summer scorcher for much of the plains as well as the midwest with some record temps possible. here in the northeast, it's a hot one as well. the weather channel's alex wallace joins us now with the sunday forecast. alex? >> good morning to you. it's going to be hot today and through the early part of the week for a lot of areas. we're also tracking some storms in the northern tier of the country moving across parts of minnesota into wisconsin. heavy rain, gusty winds as well around eau claire around the lacrosse area. minneapolis is dealing with showers as well as some thunderstorm activity out there. as we head through the day, we'll be tracking the risk for severe storms back off towards the east getting over towards green bay. damaging winds and hail will be a threat. more storms forming back towards the west try portions of the northern plains, and back even into portions of the front range of the rockies, we'll be watching for that. risk for tornado on the low end of the scale but can't rule it out with any storms that fire up as we head through the day
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all thanks to the storm system and frontal boundary moving flew the upper midwest. showers and storms in minneapolis this morning, working towards the east as we hid into minute, chicago getting in on the act. by tuesday, the interior parts of the northeast trailing back into the midwest watching for the risk of more storms. soumth of these storms, as you mentioned, heat a big story. all these areas here shaded in the browned. that's where we have heat advisories that are in place. going to be very, very hot. triple digit heat to deal with, memphis, for you an excessive heat warning. expect temperatures to near 100 degrees. certainly when you factor in humidity, it's going to feel even hotter. all these areas, drinking water, staying hydrated and enjoying the ac, that's your best bet. >> a july sunday for sure. thanks so much, alex. betty ford's family says the former first lady will be memorialized in california and michigan this week. mrs. ford died of natural causes on friday. she was 93 years old. the first funeral will be held
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tuesday in palm desert, california. her casket will travel to michigan where she'll be buried alongside her husband in grand rapids. former first lady, rosalind carter will deliver the jewel gee as well as lynn cheney and coke key roberts. she's being remembered as a trail blazing first lady whose openness sparked open conversations on health and addiction. nbc's anne thompson has more. >> reporter: betty ford leaves a legacy of candor. >> i think it's time the women stem up and take their place. >> reporter: and change she inspired just by being honest. >> i think that's what we're here on this earth for, to help others. and if you can, you ought to do it. >> reporter: in this era of oversharing, it's hard to believe few women ever publicly acknowledged having breast cancer until betty ford did. >> betty ford underwent surgery for breast cancer on saturday. >> reporter: she had a radical mastectomy and chemotherapy all
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while under the media magnifying glass of the white house. >> she made the fact that you can have breast cancer not a moment of shame, but a reason to see your physician, a reason to talk about it, and i think she really was the first person who kicked breast cancer awareness forward. >> reporter: american women responded, lining up for mammograms. even fewer people spoke about the addictive mix of pain pills and alcohol until betty ford did. >> it was the same as with breast cancer. if the first lady can have breast cancer, maybe i could. and the same thing with the disease of alcoholism and addiction. >> reporter: perhaps most surprising is that betty ann blumer ford, stay at home mother of four from grand rapids, michigan, was an unexpected feminist. >> why should my husband's job or yours prevented us from being
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ourselves? >> she broke the image of what a homemaker was, really. but she also -- just remember, she went to the streets, too. she marched and rallied side by side with us. >> reporter: on nightly's facebook page, viewers remembered betty ford as honest, open and real. her name is honored on buildings and in history books, but most importantly in the hearts of americans. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. >> what a legacy there. all right. british tabloid is no more. today it printed its last edition. we bring you the very latest on the scandal that brought it down in a live report. then hollywood royalty meets the duke and duchess of cambridge in southern california. i shouldn't look at the video while i tell you this. what lies ahead on the last day of their trip. stretching before you run. is it a good or a bad idea? we'll separate braet fact from fiction when it comes to your health before that sunday
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innovation that lasts. innovation for all. a deadly helicopter crash in campbell county, tennessee. the chopper was flown by two tennessee national guard pilots when it went down to carriville t. two were on a routine training flight. no word yet on what caused the crash. a tractor-trailer driver has been charged with murder. the truck crashed into a horse-drawn buggy friday night in hopkinsville killing an amish toddler and injuring three members of her family. the victims were taken to the
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hospital. one is listed in critical condition. the driver of the truck is also charged with driving under the influence, three counts of assault and criminal miss chief. pittsburgh steelers wide receiver hines ward was arrested in georgia saturday for driving under the influence. the former super bowl mvp and "dancing with the stars" champ was booked into the dekalb county jail. he was later released on $1300 bond. his agent is saying that evidence will prove that hines was not drunk. a new daily beast report today suggests the bleak jobs picture may not improve any time soon. zachary care bell writes we're stuck in a framework that treats unemployment as a cyclical phenomenon and assumes unemployment will return as the overall economy recovers. the truth, it is becoming clear, is that unemployment is a sfruk turl issue and the tools being used are based on the wrong analysis and will, therefore, continue to fall short.
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eleanor clift is a contributing editor for "newsweek" as well as "the daily beast." the president made similar points that the employment landscape is changing, just a small example is basically how atms have replaced all the bank tellers. with respect to jobs, is there anything the white house could have done to ultimately change the jobs picture we have today? >> i think the president is cause in a spiral here of not only the recession and the downturn that that created, but also the changing nature of jobs. as you point out, a lot of the jobs that we knew and loved are gone. travel agents are few and far between. that used to be a thriving industry. you can do just about everything online. and that's eliminated a lot of jobs. i don't think government has come to grips with this. i think the last two months of job numbers have really been
8:19 am
sobering. i'd like to be a fly on the wall in the white house, because i think the president's confidence has got to be shaken in the policies he's undertaking. i would love to see more heavyweight economic thinkers, job creators around him and a greater sense of urgency, not only from the white house, from the congress. i think the president is doing a lot of the right things. he's trying to reform the patent laws. i think they were written back by thomas jefferson and they haven't much been reformed. there are a lot of obstacles out there to getting the kind of creativity we need. but i don't think there's anything immediate that he can do. if you look back, could he have -- i think he should have shown more concern about the issue of unemployment, treating that ooze a genuine crisis, and i don't think we're even there yet. today's crisis is the debt ceiling. and i don't think people are sitting around in their living rooms worried about the debt ceiling.
8:20 am
they're worried about jobs. i think congress needs to get their priorities right and the president really has to be out there, you know, selling. it's also a confidence game. he's got to get the american people confident in their future. i think morale in this country is really suffering. >> as you pointed out, hindsight being 20/20, we need to look forward. on friday president obama suggested the jobs picture would vastly improve after the debt talks. take a listen to this and we'll talk on the other side. >> the sooner that the markets know that the debt limit ceiling will have been raised and that we have a serious plan to deal with our debt and deficit, the sooner we give our businesses the certainty that they will need in order to make additional investments to grow and hire. >> eleanor, is he a little too optimistic when it comes to unemployment? do you think in your opinion we're using the distraction of the debt ceiling as a reason not to talk about a front burner
8:21 am
issue as you pointed out, people sitting at home worried about their jobs, how are they going to pick up their kids from school with gas in the car, how to put food on the table? >> when i hear what the president is saying, he's buying one of the major republican talking points and that is this lack of certainty. isn't there always a lack of certainty? they're always debating tax rates. there are always regulation that is are being written, they've got to get past the deficit talks because that's consuming all of the air time, and i think people are thinking it's a misplaced priority. it really has the president off his message. but i don't think any kind of deal that they reach, assuming they do reach one, is going to suddenly liberate entrepreneurs and corporations to begin hiring people. i think it's a much longer-term problem than that. the president is right, we fleed to get past this. then he's got to protect the investments in education, community colleges, and these
8:22 am
are investments, as we puts it -- that's his term and i think he's right -- that will pay off in the future. they may not necessarily solve the unemployment rate by november of '12, but they're long-range structural changes we have to make in the economy. i think he's on the right past. but he's on this cruising altitude when the economy really needs a quick takeoff. i don't know quite how they do that. but they ought to try everything because i think the american people are really hurting. >> eleanor, you mentioned national confidence and how the administration needs to build that up. do you think the corporations are weary of the administration and that's why they're not hiring? >> i don't think they sit around and say, you know, we're not inspired by obama anymore so we're not going to hire anybody. they're not hiring because they don't see the demand out there, the consumer demand because people don't have the extra money in their pockets, and they've also figured out how to
8:23 am
do more with less. i'm sure most of us in just about every field who are lucky enough to still be working know that phenomenon. we're all doing more than we perhaps were accustomed to. i think it's great for productivity. productivity is up. it's just that there aren't enough jobs to go around. >> i'm grateful every day. eleanor clift, great to see you. derek jeter of the yankees made baseball history, jeter smashed a long home run into the left field seats on saturday. it was a career hit, number 3,000. he is only the 20th player in baseball history to beach the 3,000 mark. his teammates celebrated with him at home plate. he had four other hits including the game-winner as new york beat tampa bay 5-4. . i do believe it's part of a locust. make sure your alignments good. your brakes are good. you've got all sorts different things that you check off.
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welcome back everybody.
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prince william and his bride katherine wrapped up day two of their u.s. tour in true hollywood style. their evening included a walk down the red carpet and a star-studded affair in tinsel town. earlier prince william wowed
8:28 am
fans at a charity polo match. nbc's gina kim has more for us. >> reporter: a royal visit to tinsel town wouldn't be complete without a walk down the red carpet, and saturday night some of the biggest names in hollywood turned out in honor of the duke and chuch es of cambridge. >> i would not be here were it not for the royal aspect. that was defi couple were helic into santa barbara where the prince showed off his riding chops during a polo match against an america team that raised money for his family's charities. the prince's team won celebrity chef jonna deloren thats prepared a lunch on. >> i think princess diana would be proud of who they are and how they represent themselves and their titles. >> reporter: so far kate hasn't made any public remarks. that could change sunday when she makes two more appearances in l.a. gina kim, nbc news, los angeles. another princess, another overseas trip. why it's a working honeymoon for charlene of monaco. [ female announcer ] there's a new way to let go
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the paper's former editor who was once a key aid to british prime minister david cameron. >> this is a very sad day. >> reporter: arriving in britain sunday to manage the crisis directly. the allegations of phone hacking have been rumbling in the background for several years but exploded last week when a rival paper accused "the news of the world" of deleting messages from the phone of a murdered 13-year-old girl while police
8:35 am
were hounting for her. victims of the 2005 london tear regard attacks were also victims. the decision to respond by shutting the paper down took most by surprise including the editor of the last edition. >> it's a terrific shame that it's come to this, and as i said to the staff this morning, it's not where we wanted to be and not where we deserve to be. >> reporter: the final edition is a compilation of the paper's triumphs in the unlikely hope that when the scandal eventually dies down, this is what it will be remembered for. inside there is a four-page apology which states quite simply, we lost our way. recognition of a scandal that has dented both the reputation and the share price of mr. murdoch's media empire just as he seeks to expand it here in britain. police are continuing their investigation. meanwhile there will be a government inquiry into the very nature of tabloid journalism here in britain. >> is there still talk that the
8:36 am
employees that lost their jobs might be redistributed to "the sun" newspaper and start printing a sunday edition which is also owned by the murdoches? >> reporter: there has been speculation that perhaps we will see a "sun" on sunday. no confirmation of that. it has been striking that of all the journalists, 200 or so who lost their jobs last week without any warning whatsoever, very few have come forward with any overt criticism of how they've been treated. so leads one to suspect that perhaps they hold out some expectation that there will be a future job for them at some point within the overall stable of news international. >> certainly the store i have is far from over. anna bell roberts, thanks, appreciate it vrnlths one of latin america's most popular singers is dead. cabral was killed in gaut mall will city when a gunman opened fire on his car.
8:37 am
they were going to the airport when this happened. so far no motive for the shooting. he was 74 years old. parts of eastern europe are being hit by a heat wave. temps in budapest hungry have hit 100 degrees. people have set up water tanks to keep people hydrated. many people use fountains and anything they can. princess charlene of monaco is back in south africa. only after a week after she got married she appeared at a charity event with archbishop desmond tutu. the trip has been billed as part honeymoon as well as part business trip. atlanta's public schools are grappling with a widespread cheating scandal. nearly 200 administrators, principals and teachers doctored standardized tests of students. they could face disciplinary action or lose their jobs.
8:38 am
nbc's ron mott has more. >> reporter: it's the cardinal sin of education. a scathing report says it's not the students but the adults hired to teach them who are guilty. >> that i think is the most sinful thing that we can do. >> reporter: the governor called it a dark cloud where wrong answers were routinely changed to right ones on standardized tests. tainted results at 44 of 56 schools involving 178 administrators, principals and teachers. >> when educators have failed to uphold the public trust and students are harmed in the process, there will be consequences. >> reporter: for years atlanta school district officials denied cheating allegations. a former teacher who sounded an alarm said it was met with silence and cost him his job. >> at that point it became my problem, my fault. there was nothing that was going to be pursued by the school district. >> reporter: testing scandals are nothing new, of course. they seem to be growing in number and significance around
8:39 am
the country including one in the nation's capital that generated national attention. at least ten states use test scores as the primary evaluator of teachers with large bonuses on the line for top performers whose students score well. >> when test scores are the only thing that matters in education, teachers feel they have to boost those scores by hook or by crook. >> no child left behind, the 2002 law tieing academic fer form ans to federal funding has been blamed for an overemphasis on test scores. education secretary arne duncan said high standards aren't to blame. >> you want to make sure to evaluate students each year. the vast majority of folks around the country do it the right way. >> reporter: a big test of confidence in public education. ron mott, nbc news, atlanta. dispelling medical myths this sunday. should you stretch before you run? is vitamin c really good for battling a cold? we'll break it down when msnbc returns. @ó@ó@ó@
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8:43 am
to fresh medical news. most of us use rules of thumb to stay pretty healthy, don't go outside with wet hair. we've heard it before. a new medical book suggests common methods of avoiding illness are nothing more than health myths. time to play fact or fiction. joining us from indianapolis is pediatrician dr. aaron carroll, "don't cross your eyes, they'll get stuck that way." i heard that a lot on the playground. your book uses scientific research to debunk some of the
8:44 am
most popular common health myths probably passed down from parents to kids for generations. let's go through some of them. chilli peppers are bad for the stomach. explain this one? it's fiction? >> it really s. people think because they're hot or burn that they might somehow burn the stomach. things like capzasin reduce the acid content of the stomach. if anything, they're probably good for it. >> the next one, don't put a band-aid on a bound, let the air get to it. that's fiction. >> this is one i totally believed, too. i would tell patients this as well as my own kids to uncover a wound and let it air out at night. it turns out that letting a wound dry can lead to worse scaring. there have been great randomized control trials looking at this that prove that keeping a wound moist and covered at all times is best. >> okay. that's what i've always thought.
8:45 am
i will take that home with me today and say i'm right, i'm right, i'm right. cold remedies helm prevent illness, fact or fiction. i take vitamin c a lot when i think i'm getting a cold. >> they just don't do things like prevent colds. vitamins are necessary, but if you take too much, they don't do anything to prevent colds at all. >> next one. important to stretch before exercising. this is something i've heard from trainers, very important. >> this is the one we get the most pushback on from this book. the truth of the matter is there have been really, really good studies, lots that looked at stretching before exercise to see if it either reduces injury or improves performance. they've done done with really good athletes. there's no evidence at all that it makes any difference. >> that's good to know. next is something that a lot of people are worried about, cell phones and the possibility that they could cause cancer by holding them up to our heads when we're talking on the phone.
8:46 am
>> this one is complicated. it's even more complicated because the who just released new recommendations that place them as potentially at risk for causing cancer. but there have been no really good studies, and i mean good stud dees showing they raise the risk of cancer at all. what small studies exist, small risks, lots of problems with the studies and it will take a long time for us to figure this out. there's billions of people using cell phones. we're really not seeing that much of an increased risk. there's really no reason to be that concerned aboutist right now. >> is that something that over time we need to have the proper time for a case study that really looks at this over a course of 20-year, 30-year period? >> we should. we should continue to watch it. there's no evidence at this pointhat they aren't dangerous. we have been using cell phones for 10 to 15 years. we should start seeing increased risk in certain populations that are using them. a lot of the studies monitoring
8:47 am
this at a high level are not seeing the uptick in brain cancer. >> last but not least, al vo vera is a good treatment for wounds. >> that turned out to be fact. it's one of the few that did. there have been good stud dees, it does just as well to treat burns if not better. for mild to moderate wounds, it does quite well. >> on a personal note, which one were you most surprised by in doing your research, fact or fiction. >> for me it was cheese causing constipations. one of my sons was obsessed with eating cheese. it turnls out not only does cheese cause constipation, but a study that shows diet high in cheese who have less constipation. >> i'm happy to hear that master carroll can continue his love affair with cheese. thanks for coming on today. >> thank you. remembering betty ford and how her frank approach to breast cancer, addiction as well as
8:48 am
women's rights helped her win america's love and admiration. i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week.
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starting tomorrow the 9/11 memorial in new york will begin taking reservations online. the site opens to the public on september 12, following events for victims' families on the ten-year anniversary. there will be no limit how long a visitor may spend there once passing through the security check point. on to the legacy of betty ford, being remembered as a candid crusader for women's rights and a powerful advocate for substance abuse treatment. >> if the first lady can have breast cancer, maybe i could, and the same thing with the disease of alcoholism and addiction. i'm delighted that i can carry a message. i think that's what we're here on this earth for, to help others. if you can, you ought to do it.
8:52 am
>> carl anthony is a presidential historian and expert on president's wives and their families. >> we have such a legacy to talk about. i was on the air lye on friday night when this breaking news happened. it was just a really sad reminder of the life experience that she had gone through, but the triumphant life she had lived up until 93 years of age and such a lovely lady. let's bring in some context for the conversation. it's 1974, nixon has just resigned. the nation is reeling from the water gate scandal. in comes this outspoken republican first lady. what was the reaction to the country? how was she accepted and welcomed into that role? >> you know, it was a shock to her. the very night after her husband had become president, she went home with her kids an husband to their suburban virginia home, cooked lasagna and they started packing. that was who she was. she determined she wasn't going
8:53 am
to change. and so she brought herself and her values -- the fords had not prepared for the presidency. there was no presidential campaign. so people got her pure and direct, and the press, of course, loved her because she said things that made headlines. the general public, even if they didn't always agree with her particular views, strongly supported the idea of this kind of honesty in the white house. >> she certainly did take the spotlight away from president ford a lot of times because of what was going on in her personal life, and just weeks after becoming first lady that's when mrs. ford had a mastectomy and she spoke openly about her fight against breast cancer. how was her candor received at that point? it was opening up a conversation to americans that they really hadn't had over the dinner table before? >> absolutely. first it was the shock of what was happening and the sadness and the worry. secondly it was the shock of a
8:54 am
first lady being this candid about a personal issue like this that used euphemistic expressions before that to report first ladies who had been ill. but thirdly, was mrs. ford looking down from her suite at walter reed hospital, seeing the cameras and in that instant recognizing that it wasn't about her but what she symbolized as first lady. that's when she decided we can turn this thing of mine to help millions of other people. of course, the first wave was american women who suddenly went out and had mammographies and checked for their own -- to see if they had breast cancer. then it spread worldwide. it was an astounding act of opening her personal life, but it ladd the effect of saving millions of untold lives. >> on that point, also, we can extend from there into what her
8:55 am
legacy is after that part of her life. i know gen xers will know her as a first lady. but the name evokes the treatment center she founded. 90,000 people have been treated roughly so far. how did mrs. ford general perceptions on addiction and the name betty ford in the lexicon of how we talk about rehab? >> that's right. you know, she really didn't use any euphemistic language. she's blunt. she said i'm alcohol and i am a drug addict. even though it was prescription drugs, it was a combination of the drugs and the alcohol that had the triple effect on her. and, again, in a flash, the idea of this person who -- while people might have assumed people like first ladies may have had personal issues, they were covered up. her candor allowed many other
8:56 am
people to feel well. if a person in her position can discuss this openly and say, i'm a human being who has problems, so can i or so can i help somebody in my family who is. >> a lot of peemd would think the first lady is so unapproachable, she was very relatable. >> i would just say this. this was a value. this was a core value of her -- from her whole life, even as a child when she worked with her mother with handicapped children and teaching them dance -- of course, she studied modern dance, when she dealt with those who were hearing impaired, she learned sign language. this was a truly compassionate human being which really transcended partisan politics. >> she was a great lady. wonderful legacy she leaves behind as well as kids, great grandkids, grandchildren and the like. carl anthony, great to see you this morning. thanks for your time. >> thanks very much. one of the winners of "dancing with the stars" was arrested, charged with dui.
8:57 am
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